Saying Good Bye

Last week was a busy one for all of us. The wranglers were busy getting the horses out to pasture. The cooks were busy getting rid of all the leftovers. Guest Services were busy cleaning up after the last of the guests and getting the cabins ready to be closed up for the winter. I was busy taking kids here and there for Homecoming week. Yes, my kids are only in elementary school, but when you go to a school that is K-12, homecoming encompasses much more than high school. Here the cheerleaders offer a camp for the kids ages 3 years to 6th grade. The end result: getting to perform in the halftime cheer. My girls had so much fun!

Now our freezer is stocked with leftovers from the kitchen, my crisper is busting with the last of the greens from the garden. The horses are retired for the season. The staff has headed home and this little valley, fresh from the October rain, is once again very quiet. Until next year!

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