The Accidental Cookbook

I'm a terrible cook. You really shouldn't even be reading this. If you don't believe me and want proof, read this: This is NOT a cooking Blog

 Still don't believe me? Darn! Ok, I will attempt to share some of the foods my family enjoys. But be warned! I'm no PW! And most of my food is either age old things my Mama and her Mama made, or just happy accidents! With lots of not so happy accidents to work out the kinks.

• Accidental Cajun Turkey Soup
Adventure Man's Grilled Cheese
How City Girl Makes S'mores. Plus starting a fire with a bow drill. You need to know this stuff!
No Bake Cookies
Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream
• Adventure Man's Favorite Cornbread
Refrigerator Rolls. Make the dough ahead of time and have fresh rolls all week. This recipe has been in the family for generations! Plus a great gift idea!
Gingerbread houses! A Schoolhouse Tradition.
• My try at breakfast ~ Muesli
• A family favorite, It's Chicken Curry Night!