April ~ DigIfYouWillAPicture

Here are my April photos from DigIfYouWillAPicture, the Facebook group that is participating in Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day challenge. Enjoy! 

your reflection {Bunny's hand}


someone who makes me happy
someone else who makes me happy
inside my wallet
younger me
cold ~ my track star icing her foot


where I ate breakfast 

stairs ~ to the back porch 

something I found
{13 years ago in the mountains of Japan ~
he was just a pup}
how I feel {'bout ready for bed}
sunset {from last summer} this is looking East

Same sunset as above, but looking West

sunset ~ with smoke from a forest fire
The day the photo was "sunset" it snowed. So I opted to show off some other sunset shots I had taken from last summer. I love taking pictures of both sunsets and sunrises and I have quite a few. Perhaps I'll just do a post of sunset photos…. hum. 

{from the shop ~ wedding on a ranch}
flowers {in a cowboy hat}
something I don't like

hair {a WHITE hair!}

something I drew, or rather painted, with all the kids art.

the last thing I bought
something I'm grateful for
{the use of the company car while my hubby was out of town
and mine was unexpectedly broke down}
looking down
black + white
somewhere I went ~ from 1998 to 1999
somewhere I went {today} town
1 pm
something that makes me sad {Saying Good Bye.}


Four Cheers For Four

"So there's this boy who stole my heart, he calls me Mom."

Happy Birthday to my Little Bear! I love you more than words can say! 


Dirty Underwear

My mom used to say, and maybe she still does, that you should change your underwear everyday so if you're in a car wreck, and have to go to the hospital, you won't be embarrassed by the state of your underthings. To this I would always think, and perhaps I did say out loud, that if I was in a car accident, I would more than likely need to change my underwear again. And if I'm in the state that I am being transported to the hospital, I'm sure I would have other things on my mind. And yet, I do change my underwear everyday and teach my kiddos to do the same. So she must have impressed me enough. And I do like to tell my kiddos about the car wreck scenario so we can all have a good laugh. Which we do.

This scenario can also be applied to my home. Get the work done, so if someone shows up at the door, I won't be embarrassed by the state of things. Unfortunately that doesn't happen very often. My house will always be in a state of chaos. I'm hopping it's the way things are simply from having lots of littles running around the house. I have a sneaky suspicion however that it has more to do with the chaos in my head and not so much the number of tiny feet scampering around.

But you know what someone said, "Cleanliness is next to impossible."  ~Author Unknown

I have now decided that this also applies to my car. Last Friday I spent the day at a track meet with my daughter who runs (she did great!), and my two littlest Littles. It was crazy windy that day. It was windy at home too, but out in this prairie town, it was just crazy, windy, dirt flying in our face and hair. My baby was in the stroller and was being blown away! I had to hold on to her to keep her from rolling across the grass. Yeah! She was even on grass and was still blowing away! We seeked refuge in our car. This also meant that we eat in the car. That's not new. The day was hot and the sun was sunny. Ok, this isn't news either, but you get the idea. By the time got home we were so pooped that we just let it all stay there. 

Then Saturday came and we were all still lazy and enjoying the non-windy sunshine and the day. I had completely forgotten to clean out the car. Then Sunday while we headed to church, as I've mentioned before, My car died. Just quite without a word of warning. She was left on the side of the road to wait for friends and tows and all that expense. And you know what I'm thinking? OH MY GOSH! All that rash in the cup holders!!! What will they all think??? 

PS: Adventure Man just informed me that Bill Cosby has a sketch where he tells about his mom telling him to change his underwear for the very same reason that my mom does, and that he would say, "First I'm going to say it, then I'm going to DO IT!" My mom loves Bill Cosby, and so do I, but my Mom read this, and she didn't say, "Oh, I was just quoting Bill, Dear." So I'm still standing by my mom say'n it, and I'm sure his did too. My Darling Adventure Man knows Bill Cosby better than anyone I know, well, except "To Russell My Brother With Whom I Slept With." That one I had to share with him. But anyway, I'm just say'n! 


Earth Day Doings

We headed off to church this morning, only to have the car die only a few miles down the road. Luckily, and as an answer to our preyers, our neighbor turned our way on the road as she went for her morning walk. She went back home and got her car and lugged us all back up the road to home. If not at church, at least the kids got to see the inspiration in action.

Once we were home my daughter said, "Mom, it's Earth Day!" 

"Yes it is."

"We should do something."

"Ok, like what?"

Shoulder shrug.

"Like plant some seeds?" I ask.


So, we planted grass seeds. We have ground squrels. Anyone who has a field by them has them. They dig tunnels under the  snow and ruin the grass.

So we rake the dirt where the grass is gone and spread seeds. And hope none of the birds around notice. Which they will. Then they come and eat all the seeds.

But it's Earth Day! And it's a beautiful one at that!

Not wanting to end the outdoor activities, the kids decided to make a scarecrow. It didn't take long before they got frustrated and came in. I googled how to make one and found this wonderful blog post with real life instructions on how-to-make-a-scarecrow without pulling out the table saw. Her's is cuter than ours but I still like ours. Plus, my kids made it.

We used scraps and old clothes, sticks the kids fetched from the wood, hay from the barn (don't tell) The horse was none to thrilled by that! And hay bailing twine, (Don't let the birds get that one!) They had lots of fun. They decided to call her, "Hay Girl." And she is our new friend. I suspect, that each time I look out the kitchen window, I will jump and say, "Who the heck is in the garden!? Oh, it's Hay Girl!"

Now if only she keeps the birds from eating all the grass seeds, 
we might be getting somewhere! 

Happy Earth Day! 

What did you and yours do for Earth Day?