Say it With Chalk

Have you ever noticed how labeling things can make a place look more orderly? Even if it's not? I am always trying to get "organized" but really, well, I don't really know what I'm doing! So when a friend of ours asked for help with photographing her labels from her etsy shop, I thought, "Sure! I'll give it a try."

These aren't your regular labels though, she's selling chalkboard stickers that are used for labeling. And you know what, they are really cool. She only asked for pictures, she never even knew that I blog, but I had so much fun with them that I thought I would share her shop, Chalk and Talk, with all of you!

What she needed was these Lunchbox Kits photographed. They come in different shapes that you can choose from, but I mixed them up. The idea is to put the larger "board" on the inside of the lunch bag so you can send a message. I usually do this on a napkin, but this is just cute! Unfortunately, we didn't have a lunch box that fit the label, so I cut it in half and stuck it to the outside of the bag. Hehe! I asked my oldest if she would mind carrying that around. She said she wouldn't, but I'm not sure she was telling the whole truth. Still, it's pretty cool! And I can inform her what's in the thermos. See, "Today's Special" in the picture below.

When I told her I would do it, I wasn't really sure what I would do. Then, the day they came, I realized that there were somethings I had been using sticky notes for. My kids would stack their coats on any hook and that meant that other people where loosing their coats, under someone else's. This of course would start an argument. So I had hung sticky notes over each hook so they knew which one was theirs. And only theirs. So that was the first to go!

The vinyl sticker sticks right to the wall. It looks just like a chalkboard. 

To write on it she sent a "chalk ink pen" that rubs off with a wet rag. 

Once the fun had began, 
I set to work labeling other things that were just calling out to be identified in our household:

Spices, (my two favorite)! Ah, my garlic that no one can find because I keep in it that little pot. 
Well, no one would find it if anyone else used my kitchen! 

The mail. 
That way, if anyone other than us ever wanted to know who read what magizines… 
well, there you go. Please note that I put the bills in "His" slot! 
And the postcard from my brother from Niagara Falls in mine! As it should be.

This one made me laugh. 
I have a marble collection and a rock collection that I keep in these jars, 
on my bookshelf in the living room. 
So of course, they needed to be marked and labeled 
in case anyone ever wondered what they were. 

 And also note that I didn't actually label where the different craft items go. 
That would be far more organized than my little brain could handle. 
But, in case you couldn't tell, there are crafts in the cool beer bottle carrier. 

The matching tub that was originally intended for an ice chest for an "orange party" 
is where I keep the hats, scarves and gloves in the winter. 
Now this all works because I can erase the writing and mark it "Ice and Drinks" when we have a party. 
Which will probably happen next week when my daughter has a birthday. 
So keep your eyes open for it in a future post! 

And this was probably the most useful label I made! I bought herbs this year, but can't remember which are which, so I kept the stick that was in the pot at the nursery. But I have a toddler who moves everything! In fact, I had to search under the deck for them just to make these labels! 

I really do like how it all turned out, and am planning on doing some more labels for things in the pantry (like flour, sugar and powdered sugar) and toy room, if not for others, than really just for me. Cause I like it! 


  1. WOW ~ when a great idea and needs collide.... 'sparks' of productivity fly!!

    1. I'm just happy she was happy! I've done more in the kitchen since I wrote this, and that was really helpful (for me, anyway!). I didn't add those because you can see them at her shop! :o)

  2. I'm in love with chalkboard labels!! When I reorganized my pantry I put chalkboard labels on all of my storage baskets and then have used some in my laundry room and on gifts. Next time I need to order some I'll check out her site.

  3. I should have added 'creativity' hand in hand with 'productivity' - as that's a necessary precursor for what you’ve accomplished.

  4. Thank you so much for this write up on the labels - and of course for all the pictures that are wonderful - I don't think I could have had better pictures if I hired a professional photographer...and they would have never gotten that beautiful background and the fun ideas!!

    Thanks for being willing to help me out and sharing your fun - I think you've definitely earned yourself a free life-time supply! Tiff

  5. Oh - and - if anyone you know wants to buy some - I just created a 20% off coupon!

    Just type in RANCHMAMA at checkout!

    Thanks Ranch Mama!

    1. Oh my goodness Tiffaney! Thank You!!! I'm going to have to get the word out! I'm thinking I'm going to have to utilize that life-time supply with a giveaway, in the near future!


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