Today's Post: Fence Posts

The Guest Ranch is 82 years old this summer. I wonder how old these fence posts are? 
Much of the ranch was destroyed during a flash flood in 1964. 
The owners, who had built it all from the ground up, had to start over. 
From scratch. 

 How many strings of horses, with guests from all over the world, 
has these old nails and posts seen go by? 

 When did the moss start to grow? Has it always been there?

How often has this old chain been pressed against 
as it held the herd in the corral?
For these I used the old Nikon. 

Ni Hao Yall


  1. What a fascinating posts. It is fun to think about the past, isn't it?

  2. Cool shots. I love the rustic wood fence.

  3. Old fence posts have so much character. Great shots of their texture. :)


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