Who Am I?

Howdy! Name's Kristen.

I've worked in or with hospitality for over 16 years. Whether it was our first job, managing a bed and breakfast with my husband while he was still in school, running a resort day spa, or working with resorts directly with my floral studio for weddings and things. But at any rate, I love people and their ways and it's fun to talk about it!

Now meet my other personalities:

City Girl love'n Las Vegas, Baby! 

City Girl ~

City Girl grew up in the California Bay Area. She met her Husband, Adventure Man, there. They've been married 17 years this August. 

City Girl loves horses, but learned on an English saddle. When she was 12 her dad took her riding on the beach at Halfmoon Bay and she rode western for the first time. She never looked back. If she could she would ride everyday. But she hasn't the time. She is the mama of 4. Four amazing people who are finding themselves everyday. It is City's greatest joy to see the evolution of her children

Ranch Mama ~ 

Ranch Mama wishes to be the do-it-yourselfer. She has a list of projects a mile high. And most of them are made with the idea of giving away. She loves to cook and read cookbooks ~ now if only she could make something worth eating! She's still learning. As she tries new things and works on the goal of becoming more self sufficient she realizes that it takes time and is enjoying every lesson.

Ranch Mama has a new found love of photography. She's an Instagram addict! You can follow her madness by clicking on one of her ever changing photos to your right, or click the instagram follow button.

Ranch Mama is the storyteller in all this and loves making people laugh and feel good about themselves. Everyone has a story. She believes most things have a funny side and she is trying to find it. That is where this blog comes in. So lets get a good laugh out of it all!

And now it appears I need to call my Doctor as I seem to have multiple personality disorder!