The B&B ~ We Slept in an Old Cooler

The Bed & Breakfast 
Just months after we were married we took a job managing a bed and breakfast. The owners had never worked with hotels before. They were a cute couple who had the dream of running a B&B. He was a fireman. She was a house wife who's kids had all grown and married. They bought an old building and within just a few months they had flipped it upside down and shook out all the dust, added jetted tubs to all the bedrooms and a bathroom or water closet as well. They hired us to live in the basement, where all the dust landed when they shook, and run the place at night. They cooked the breakfast and cleaned. That was good because I was working full time at a floral shop and Adventure man was going to school full time; getting his degree in Adventure Management, I might add!

We would greet and check the guests in. Once everyone was in for the night we would retire to our little apartment down stairs and call it good.

Our room while we waited for the apartment 
But there was the fact that the building had been rushed to get opened so when we moved in the apartment was not completed, or even started, so we stayed in one of the guest rooms. Our stuff in storage.

My husband pieced the makeshift apartment together himself, converting what had once been a restraint's kitchen into a living room. The wall where a large stove had once stood was dripping from fry grease. The bedroom was in the old cooler. Very sound proof. The bathroom had to be built up on a platform to accommodate the plumbing. The only window in the whole apartment was at the top of the stairs so we were able to sleep really well, and late if we weren't careful!

apartment put together by chewing gum and rubber bands! 
Now, one of the things that was really neat about this supper old building was the fact that when the wind blew it had some old broken pains in the basement from windows that had been covered by older, no younger fondations. I don't really know. But as I was saying, when the wind blew it sounded like a woman screaming at the top of her loungs. And in a sound proof bedroom, that would really bring us out of sleep fast!

The other thing that everyone really needs to know about old buildings is that the walls are thin. The doors are thin. The pipes are thin! If you are staying in a really cool old building, know that when the builders built it, they only had old news paper to line the walls with so we can hear you! Even in those most amazing, earth shattering, "OMG" kind of moments. 'Nough said.

But we slept in a cooler....

wall to wall bed, but sound proof.   

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