He Came In Though The Kitchen Window ~ Lucky Charms Are For Kids!

I bought Lucky Charms Cereal for my kids as a surprise  breakfast today, St. Patricks Day. We don't really let them have sugar cereal most of the time. And they get up so early in the mornings on school days that we usually give them a very big breakfast that will last them until lunch. So for us, a box of Lucky Charms is a big deal.

Well, evidently it's a big deal to someone else too! When we woke up this morning there were green footprints from the kitchen windowsill to the table where he ripped a whole in the bag of the box and scattered cereal all over!

He did leave the kids some gold dollars luckily. That was at least nice. But then he went for a little walk! He seams to have hopped off the table, and walked around the corner into the bathroom where he Used the toilet! and I must say, he wasn't very tidy about it! My daughter said, "did you see the drips in between his footprints!" (bahaha) And yes, I did! He even left footprints on the bathroom rug and where he seemed to have braced himself hopping to the bathroom window!

What a surprise we all had this morning.

Happy St. Patties Day!


  1. What a fun mom you are! This is such a sweet thing to do for your kiddos :)

    1. Thanks! My mom was an early ed teacher and made footprints in and around her classroom every year. Like mother like daughter!

  2. Wonderful. I don't think your mom ever checked out the potty, however. Love it. Dad

  3. So much fun ~ making unforgettable memories.

  4. jan andersen3/19/2012 10:57 AM

    I love it!!!

  5. love! what did you use for the green?


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