Just Buzzing Around

Trying to take a picture of a busy old bee is harder than I thought! 
Those suckers are Fast! 

Bunny was watching this little fella and was squealing with joy. She loves bugs! I've made a point of not getting creeped out about bugs so my kids would not fear them. They are fascinating! (Although Adventure Man did ask me to stop taking pictures of spiders…)  :) 

That reminded me of a story my mom tells. She says I was about 2 years old when she heard me singing in the back yard. She looked out the window and saw me sitting under the Bird of Paradise holding a bee in between my fingers. I was singing to it. The bee was struggling. 

I think it was this story that made my brothers start to call me the bee charmer. I wasn't stung that time, but I've been stung before. I was even attacked by a swarm when I was five. But I've never been afraid of them like some people are. 

In fact, I would even say that bees are my favorite insect. This is a bumble bee. There are 20,000 known species of bees.

Do you have a creepy crawly that you can't stand? Do you have a favorite? 

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Great shots ~ beautiful color. Have to say I agree with Adventure Man regarding spiders. In fact all the critters I gravitate to have 4 legs and fur or 2 legs and feathers.

  2. These are great! I love bees too but have never been able to capture them quite like this. (visiting from Your Sunday Best)

  3. I went through a big bee phaze. I took about 150 photos and learn a lot. Nice post!

  4. They are such great photo subjects -- you did well! :)

  5. I love trying to photograph bugs, as long as I can zoom a bit. Most creepy crawlies give me the willies. I've done my best not to pass it on to kidlet, but she freaks about most bugs anyway. Lots of summer camp stints will hopefully condition her to tolerate them :)

  6. For some reason,every morning when we wake up there are two or three baby crickets in our bathtub. We catch them and carry them outside... and the next morning there are more. I guess we have a cricket farm.


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