Bunny in the Garden

Bunny wants to go into the garden. 
She pulls on the gate until I come and unlatch it. 

And she's off! 
She loves it in here and wants to show me everything she finds. 

I go grab a few stems of chard for lunch. (Sshhh! Don't tell the cook!)
This isn't my garden (Even though it's in view of my kitchen window)! 
It's the Ranch's garden. 
The organic veggies they grow here are served to the guests. 
But they have a lot of swiss chard, I love swiss chard!

Bunny comes to get me. 
She wants me to see something.

Is it the onions?

No, not the onions.

Where are we going? 
Oh, is it the squash?

No, not the Squash. 
Is it the rhubarb?

No, not the rhubarb. 
By the way, I have been told to take as much rhubarb as I want! 
It's been taking over this garden for as long as 
the ranch has been planting here! 
What the heck do you make with rhubarb??? 

What was I doing? Oh yeah, Bunny! 
What did you find?

A ladybug! How Fun!

There were a few beds left unplanted this year and I'm thinking I will ask for one next year as a family plot. We were just too busy this year… will next year be better… probably not! Ha!

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  1. So sweet, did you teach Bunny the ladybug rhyme?


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