Super Sitters

I love driving past the cattle fields during calving season. All the little calves racing around together are so cute. You can see them playing just as our own kids would play. They seem to make friends and linger in small groups around their mothers.

But this is one of the things that cracks me up most. There always seems to be one or two cows over to the side with a bunch of new little calfs with them. In this case, two cows were in charge of 8 calves. It's the daycare center!

Because even Mama Cows need a break!

...I need a break!



  1. Cute insight! As always enjoyed this as all other entries!

  2. Hi Ranch Momma, I fixed my recipe on the 3-2-1 Cake. The "1" stands for the one minute in the microwave.

    Love your blog and ranch. I've noticed the gathering of calves, too. Our crazy sheep do that, with one difference..for some reason and this isn't normal (rare actually or never) one of our sheep is wet-nurse. We can stick any lamb on her if she's in milk and she adopts them. We actually have to remove her to dry her milk up so that our lambs get weaned. Mother's wean 'em--they go run for the "nanny" ewe. BTW she had a huge udder last season.

  3. Oh my goodness that is so funny! I have never heard of that!

    And thanks for the cake info! What a fun recipe! I'm gonna get the stuff when I'm in town next.


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