My Mr. Neko

My fat cat has sharp claws! He's lazy and doesn't want to jump so if his claws are long, he figures he can just pull himself up. But when he pulls himself up onto your lap.... Well, that's just not fun.

He used to be a good mouser. When he was young. In his prime. But now he would rather sleep. Besides, if he had a choice over a mouse and some other animal, he would choose the other animal. Can you blame him. His favorite treat is rabbit. And we have, well, probably hundreds, according to legend, of rabbits living under our house. This is why he is an indoor cat now. Adventure Man didn't want him leaving decapitated cotton tails lying around the playground for the guests to see. That has probably made him not want to hunt even more. You know, out of spite. But what is really maddening is that he will hunt in the garage, but it seems he doesn't believe mice exist in the house. I have actually seen a mouse run 'long the base board of the living room, right into the trap, while the bang cat slept on the couch. I'm starting to understand why this is the first cat to ever come live on this ranch. d-CON would work much better!

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