Earth Day Doings

We headed off to church this morning, only to have the car die only a few miles down the road. Luckily, and as an answer to our preyers, our neighbor turned our way on the road as she went for her morning walk. She went back home and got her car and lugged us all back up the road to home. If not at church, at least the kids got to see the inspiration in action.

Once we were home my daughter said, "Mom, it's Earth Day!" 

"Yes it is."

"We should do something."

"Ok, like what?"

Shoulder shrug.

"Like plant some seeds?" I ask.


So, we planted grass seeds. We have ground squrels. Anyone who has a field by them has them. They dig tunnels under the  snow and ruin the grass.

So we rake the dirt where the grass is gone and spread seeds. And hope none of the birds around notice. Which they will. Then they come and eat all the seeds.

But it's Earth Day! And it's a beautiful one at that!

Not wanting to end the outdoor activities, the kids decided to make a scarecrow. It didn't take long before they got frustrated and came in. I googled how to make one and found this wonderful blog post with real life instructions on how-to-make-a-scarecrow without pulling out the table saw. Her's is cuter than ours but I still like ours. Plus, my kids made it.

We used scraps and old clothes, sticks the kids fetched from the wood, hay from the barn (don't tell) The horse was none to thrilled by that! And hay bailing twine, (Don't let the birds get that one!) They had lots of fun. They decided to call her, "Hay Girl." And she is our new friend. I suspect, that each time I look out the kitchen window, I will jump and say, "Who the heck is in the garden!? Oh, it's Hay Girl!"

Now if only she keeps the birds from eating all the grass seeds, 
we might be getting somewhere! 

Happy Earth Day! 

What did you and yours do for Earth Day?

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  1. I weeded my part of the earth. It was a beautiful day to be crawling around among the tulips, daffodils, and candy tuft!


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