She Wore Her Best Boots

Last weekend was lovely. After heading out to feed the "Good ol' Boys" with the kiddos in tow, we all headed to the swings by our house. We all had our winter coats on, but the snow was melting fast and the sun was shining! We played in the cold sand of the sandbox and swung till it was lunch time.

That beautiful sunshine was what prompted me to dig through my closet for lighter footwear. I actually wore flip flops all day! Then, Saturday night I made sure all was ready for our mad dash out the door to church. This includes finding church shoes. (You have know idea how often we've been late because someone couldn't find a shoe!) I had thought I would unearth a particular pair of strapy pumps that I haven't worn in ages (they are probably way out of style now, but I still love 'em so I keep hanging on!).

Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful and... Snowy? It snowed! We had about 2 inches of wet spring snow. I must have over thought the shoe thing! There we stood! My girls and I, rethinking our footwear. So we found all our best boots! Even Bear, who always wears his red cowboy boots, had them on. The only ones of us who were bootless was the baby, who's pink butterfly boots are still too big, and Adventure Man, who doesn't care to wear boots. I wish I had thought to take a picture, with their feet still in 'em anyway!

high school graduation with the girls 
This made me think of my high school graduation. I wore a little red dress and my cowboy boots. I'm pretty sure I was the only one. My dad bought me those boots at Macy's. Not really a ranch store! I loved them and got a lot of wear out of them! Man, boots are the best! My best boots now I got at a yard sale! Even better!

It snowed all day Sunday. But it all melted off by yesterday afternoon. That's spring in Montana for ya!

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  1. I hope someday these stories will be made a hard copy and bound for the kiddos. You're a girls after my own heart seeing a story in everything.


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