Coming To The End

Summer is almost over. School starts this week. On wednesday. We have just two more days. I'm really sad. I told Adventure Man I was sad and he said, "I thought you were looking forward to it?" No, they are looking forward to it. They are ready. They are sick of each other. And yeah, I don't like that they are fighting more and I see the need for a break from each other. But mostly, I love having them here. I miss them when they aren't. I hate that they only get to be here a couple of hours and they usually have homework to fill the last few moments of the day. Then it's off to bed.

With the winter coming, they get home just as the light is changing to shadow and they leave just as the sun hits the mountain. It's not a lot of time. The darkness makes it seem even shorter.

Summer vacation is my time. My time with them. And this summer has been kind of lazy. We haven't gotten everything done that I wanted but we have done a lot of wonderful things. We've had a birthday, we've had lots of people come and see us. Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, cousins. I thought we would take it easy and let them come to us. But feeding all of them was a lot of work! I loved it! After all we are innkeepers, right?

It's been a wonderful summer. And yes, even though there was a lot more Xbox played then I like, we still have made a lot of memories!

Now here's to a new adventure. Jr High (7th grade)! 4th Grade! Music Class for toddlers! I guess I'm ready and excited. But I do miss them when they are gone. After all, they are mine! xo


  1. This is such a sweet post; I remember the days of 'back to school' and how they could be melancholy.

    My daughter is grown now but this time of year always reminds me of the sweet ache...watching her walk out of 'our' world and further into the world she was creating for herself with every new school year.

  2. I feel the same way, Ranch Mama. My oldest is bored and my youngest is driving us all crazy, but we'll miss them when they're gone for much of the day. My oldest will be starting seventh grade and my youngest starts first grade. It'll be his first year of full days. More time for me, but boy that went fast. Yes, here we had a lot of XBox action too, but I think we managed to do some fun things as well. My kids start middle of next week. Enjoy your last days! Sweet post. :)

  3. You learn alot about a person when you know where their heart is! It was a wonderful summer but as you said went too fast.
    Each day, each season a new adventure of it's own kind.

  4. School Days - Good old golden Rule Days. When I sent my young uns off to school I had already been in my classroom for a couple of weeks doing bulletin boards, putting names on desks, filling in lesson plan pages, running off work sheets, getting ready to greet other people's kids. Ah, summer. It will come again.


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