Lost and Found

I found it!
Orangie, My camera!

I mentioned before that I had lost it and now it's found. I'm so happy. Not being able to take pictures on a regular basis was killing me! It was actually Lulu who found it. It was in the side pocket of my swim bag. The bag I carry around to the pool, with spare diapers, crackers, fruit snakes, goggles and things. Do I feel dumb or what!?

I remember going out to the car, the day after we had taken it to Big Town. I remember it was in my hand while I walked into the house because I remember thinking how hot the camera felt and I had the thought that I hoped it didn't hurt it. That was the last thing I remember. But now that we have found it, I think I know what I did. The next day we were having a pool party for my daughter's birthday. I put it in the bag, so I would have it for the party.

It's a waterproof camera and we love getting great underwater shots of the kids as well as awesome dive board shots.

Adventure Man

It also takes really good close-ups and landscape pictures. I've used it with all my wildflower captures.

wild rose hips 

And sunsets. It seems to like orange, just like me. Plus, having an orange camera helps if you loose things often. It's a good bright color that stands out on a cluttered counter top of a dark bag… well, usually!

SO I had it with me ALL THE TIME! Ugh!


  1. If it's orange it has to be good! Glad you found it. =)

  2. So glad it was found! Thanks for participating in the first Orange You Glad It's Friday! Hope to see you back next week :)

    Hood Photo Blog

    1. Orange is my favorite color too! It has been since high school! I'll be back! I've got lot's of sunsets I can share. :)

  3. I know you're relieved! I love the underwater shot. :)

  4. Orange you glad you found your orange camera?

  5. Great underwater shots!!! I love Leila's comment...very funny ;)

  6. Cute story...but I really like the image!

  7. Started following your blog from The Blog Hop! Beautiful pictures.
    Please come follow me!


  8. Serendipitous that you found it...Yay♫♪

  9. I'm glad you found it - just in time for Orange Friday!

  10. I dont know what I'd do without my camera, I do have 2 though.
    Bridget #25


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