The Dollhouse Diaries

When I was a kid my Dad made me a dollhouse. It was beautiful and huge and he hand shingled the top and wired it for electricity and had a handmade staircase and…. well, it was just really special. But when we were newly married and living in a little town home and had our first sweet baby girl, they brought it all the way out to Utah to us with all the beautiful (and expensive) furniture. Shortly after that my niece who was a toddler reached in the front door and broke the staircase. It was just too delicate to have with such little kids around. Plus, it was huge!

We sold it in a yard sale. It was one of the hardest things I've ever gotten rid of. 

For some reason I thought I had gotten rid of the furniture too. But the other day my Mom called and asked if she could send it to my older girls. At first I said no! Because I'm always trying to get rid of stuff! But then I started thinking. 

Lulu still likes to play with dolls sometimes. And this stuff is fun to just set up and move things around. She has her own room here but it's really small and most of the toys have been put in the other kids room's. She has complained about not having anything to play with. Or she takes thing into her room and has to take it all back to put it away. I had a DVD shelf in the living room that I couldn't keep DVDs on anymore because Bunny was getting into them. Lulu could use that to set up the furniture! 

Lulu loved the idea, and she asked if I would take pictures of them and share them on my blog! Well, of course I loved that idea! And it's so fun to see the way she sets up the sines and the memories they hold for me! 

So this is the start of the Dollhouse Diaries! 
It's just us having some fun! 

Today, Mama is making dinner down in the kitchen. 
(The lower shelf)

 While Grandma, Grandpa and Papa visit in the parlor. 
Apparently they are discussing their next world travel. 
Grandma is sitting by the fire, which Lulu made herself and put one in every room! So cozy!

The children are playing in their room. The poor little boy had a mishap (see the crutch Lulu made him from toothpicks? Tiny Tim anyone?) before my children learned how delicate the dolls were. 
They are 30 years old after all!  (Oh my! Really???) 

 I wanted to share the master bedroom aswell. Lulu hung a picture of Christ on the wall and she also put the kitchen sink in the corner. That's going to make it kind of hard for Mama to clean up after supper. However, it will make heading off to bed much easier. 

Next time we will share the bathroom! I know you just can't wait! 
Hope you enjoyed our Dollhouse Diaries! 


  1. Yea Lulu ~ love your interior arrangements. Doll houses are something that remains in a little girl's heart & memories no matter her age! Enjoy now for yourself and in the future with your little girls and grandchildren.

  2. Newest follower here! I found you through the Friday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  3. I always wanted a doll house when I was a little girl, but sadly, that never happened. So, of course, when one of my own little girls was ready, my husband and I made one for her (from a kit, of course.) I think I enjoyed it more than my daughter did. :)


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