February Photo Fest

I've been missing in action.

Well, I've not been blogging and I've had a lot of action. 
Wait, not that kind of "action." But then again...

Oh never mind!

Here are my February photo-a-day shots which will give you an idea of where I've been 
and who I've been with. The rest will have to come latter!

Oh! And I almost forgot! 
February marks one year of photo a day with fat mum slim


Fork.       Pattern.     Something beginning with 'E'.

Hope ~ gray clouds pass us by.     Something you smelled.     Soft ~ my sweatshirt.

My name.
Something orange.
Guilty Pleasure.

3 O'clock ~ Making valentines with my Bean.      Entrance ~ doorway into the living room.

Where You Ate Lunch ~ Kitchen window.      Walking ~ in a blizzard!

Love is…. finding little hearts on the wall in the bathroom.    Inside Your Fridge ~ My MS shots. 

Perfect ~ The throw-up bucket is perfect for a road trip.    In Your Hand ~ Phone case.  

Something You Don't Like ~ Technical difficulties making our flight an hour behind.   
I am…. having fun! 

Where I stood ~ On a Surf Board!     Full ~ a bowl full of papaya! 

Makes You Smile ~ (how could this not?) SCUBA Diving! 

A Word.     Cloud ~ a dark rain cloud looming over head didn't stop this stunning sunset! 

On Your Bedside Table ~ in the hotel room in LA.    Playing ~ in Grandma's back yard, where they stayed while Mom and Dad played. 

Quiet ~ The car was quiet as we waited for the tow truck to come pick us up from the airport! 
Upside Down ~ Our trip was turned upside down when our car gave up the ghost and we were forced to shop for a new one before we could head home! 

We were blessed that the car didn't wait till we were on the road before she died! But it was frustrating not being able to shop at our leisure and having to purchase out of state. It also raised the roof when it came to our trip budget… But at least we have a reliable family car that fits all our needs. 

So that is why I have been none existent for the month of February! I'm going to try and do better in March… although I'm not starting out very well, am I? 

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