Prayers In the Car

Ever pray in your car? Oh My Gosh! I sure do! Like the time I forgot to fill up the day before and was heading back into little town and the empty bell rings in the car! Boy did we all start praying. The Lord was with us then and we made it to little town and the gas station. Then we all prayed our thanks and that mama wouldn't be so forgetful next time! ;o)

The 18 miles of paved road between us and little town is getting repaved and it's doing a number on everyones tires. My Adventure Man has had 3 flats and finally got new tires, I had one flat and took my car into the place where we bought the tires, just a year ago to have them check the tires out because they looked so bad. (Now this is a long trip as this store doesn't have a branch out here where we live now. I thought it would be worth the 2 hour drive to another branch of this store.... I'm not mentioning the name of said store because I would like to be nice and not bad mouth good people trying to do good work, but...) They told me they were fine and safe to drive on. Oookee Dokee!

Well, last Friday I picked up my ll year old early from school for her first Orthodontist appointment in Big Town. Just before we arrived I started to hear flapping sounds from my tires and thought I had a flat! But the car wasn't cranking one way or the other so I didn't stop. Then I heard a bigger flap-flap and I flipped out and pulled over right on the highway and waited for it to be safe to get out and check. (Rant: Oh MY Gosh!!!! IF you SEE SOME POOR Person on the side of the road with their hazard lights on and their door a jar, GET THE HECK OVER!!!! Especially if the speed limit in your state is 75 miles!!! WTH! ~ Sorry 'bout that.) Well, I jump out and NO FLAT! Not one! So on we go, 3 of my 4 kids and I!

After the Ortho, and groceries we race back to pick up the other child still in school. As I start to speed up on the highway the car starts shaking like the front axel is about to pop off! I pull over, grab my phone and of course the battery is dead. (We don't get cell service where we live so if we leave the phone on it dies really fast.) I plug it in and again pray that the half a second I had it plugged in is enough to get my Adventure Man. It worked! I ask him to call the school and get the 8 year old to get on the bus, and ask him to please pick her up, as it looks like we will not be making it. We decide on trying to make it to Sears because there is no way I can drive all the way home only going 40. (Again, I'm new in town and that was the only place I could think of where I knew right where it was. Plus it's attached to the mall so the kids and I would have something to do while we waited!) The guy at Sears was great. He said it sounded like alinement issues and we went out to look at it. We're talking and walking around the car and all of a sudden he stops cold and says, "Holy Cow!" (Ok, I don't remember what he said, but that's what I said!) The tire had about 6 inches of tread gone. I had been driving on wire! Not only was it about to blow, but it's amazing that I made it as far as I did! Sears set us up with a very nice, very expensive new set of tires that should last us a lot longer this time around.... I hope! And that is why I will always be grateful that the Lord watches over us, even in the car! xo

Oh, and my alinement is fine!

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