Snowy Adventures

At what point in the day do you say, "this is an adventure!"? Is it the morning run? Or when you hit rush hour? Perhaps you told your child that the day left your side and boarded the school bus for the first day of school? Now that parting is mundane, a part of the routine. Well, for my dear ones, the adventure begins the minute they head out for the bus stop.

With over 2 feet of fresh snow, it will be amazing if they don't get stuck somewhere between here and there. And in actuality, I doubt the bus will make it up here.

Then if they do make it to school, there is always the possibility that by that time schools out we'll be snowed in and no one, not even our own kids, will be able to get home. They will have to stay with a friend down in town. No really, the school booklet they hand out on the first day of school says we need to have a plan for this very thing!

And of all the weeks for the big storm, it had to be the week that the elementary and Jr high are doing a MCT play and Lou Lou is supposed to be at school until 8pm each night!

Truly an adventure.

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