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Key West Fl
Home Of The Sunset
Have you ever watched the home makeover shows? Or even just a room makeover show? My brother is a movie producer but before he got really big he had to start somewhere. Once, one of these shows came to the area and he was hired, along with other technical theater folks, to lend a hand. He said it was a sham. All props and stage workmanship. Nothing that would really last. I've watched the shows, I love them! And there is a lot of last minute racing around to get it all done. I've seen them put bedspreads on beds without the sheets. Ok, I can forgive that for a simple (and exciting) reveal.

A few years ago we took our family on a trip to see my hubby's sister who is stationed in Florida. We didn't get to see them when they were in Germany and we didn't want to make the same mistake twice. I realize that Germany is Way different than Florida, but that was fine with us, that's just the way we roll.

While in Florida, and knowing it wasn't likely we would get the chance again, we wanted to do some main atrations. We found ourselves renting a condo in the Key's. SO AWESOME! It was beautiful! And the condo had just been put on the market of rentals. It was a new complex too. Had a great pool, amazing views and everything inside was top of the line. Adventure Man has good taste! We went from room to room taking pictures. Then someone sat on a bed. "Crinkle!" What was that? We looked… 
Condo Master 
The beds were made up beautifully but in the hast to get it looking perfect for the inspection (probably to see whether it would qualify as a rental) no one took the plastic off the NEW mattresses. That's fine for the inspection, but then they forgot to swap it out for real bedding. They were really lucky. Why? Because their first guests were us. 

We were the first managers at the Bed and Breakfast. We were there for the opening. We remember the all-nighter we had getting ready for the big Grand Opening. We were the first staff at the last ranch we worked at. A luxury Resort in Montana that caters to the rich and famous. Again, a major race to get everything ready for yet another Grand Opening. And then every time we opened a new cabin, or luxury camp, we had guests on the books long before it was ready to open. More scrambling and all-nighters. We remember the complaints of things that had been over looked. You try to fix them before the guests come, but sometimes it happens. 

Glamping at the last place 
My Darling ran down to the main office and picked up the sheets. It was late and there was no housekeeping around. We had the beds swapped out in no time. (Ok, I think I complained a little bit, but that's probably because I'm lazy and was pregnant.) The guy at the front desk apologized up and down. But really it was no big deal. 

Now we are just two weeks away from the start of a new season. Our staff hasn't gotten here quite yet. 

harvesting the last of the winter crop
Here at this ranch our scramble to get it all done will be greatly helped by our up coming weekend event. We have a lot of people who come and do volunteer work throughout the season, but just before we open we have Volunteer Weekend. We pack 'm in and work 'm hard. Most of the volunteers work for the non-profet company that owns the ranch. They cut trees and split logs, they clean rooms, wash windows and make beds. They set up the gift shop and work in the greenhouse. They make food for them all and clean it all up after. They're a group of angels and they're on their way! Here we go! 

Volunteer Weekend was snowed out last year.
That didn't stop anyone! 

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