Falling Behind

I signed up to participate in the Jeff Goins' 15 habits of Great Writers challenge.  I want to practice   writing. I love writing but have had now schooling other than a few creative writing courses in college. 20 years ago. I signed up late, I don't get as much time to read as I want and didn't see Jeff's blog until Day 3. I signed up anyway. I haven't written much since. So much for that!

No I have been writing, but the proof reading of my own stuff has been few and therefor I haven't posted it. If you know me, you know I don't spell. Not can't, I just don't. It's been long proven, ages ago, that me and spelling are not friends. And that is why I proof and look up words just to be sure. And I still have mistakes! So feel free to mention them if you see them.

sick kids mean no sleep for anyone!
I have also had lots of sick kids. (This is my excuse column.) Myself included. The little kids had colds then got shots that week. We also hosted a church service project in which the congregation came to our house and helped cut dead trees from the woods behind our home. They then distribute them to people in the community who need wood for the next winter. We may be just starting summer and in the warmer months, but this is the north, and winter is coming!

Yesterday we had an orthodontist appointment for my Tween, this means a trip to Big Town. Today we have allergy shots for the nine year old… The New Tween. This means a trip to Little Town. So I'm off and running and the laundry is staring to over take the bedrooms and the hall. Snarling as it creeps!

But don't worry. I am writing. It's just at 2 in the morning! But my assignment on Day one was to declare myself a writer. And that I am and will remain. Thanks for hanging in here with me!

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