Fabulously Fabulous

It was Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom who graciously bestowed the Fab Blog Ribbon to me. I am so flattered. I never in a million years thought that I would be honored for blogging. It's not like I spent my childhood dreaming of a blog. Seeing as I was graduated from high school by the time the internet made it's way into the world. No, I'm the kind who woke one morning and said, I live in the middle of nowhere, I have very few adult conversations and my life is kind of crazy and unique. I should write this stuff down. Yeah, that's about how it happened. At first I was thinking I would call my blog "The Sunday Nap" because I figured that was the only time I would ever get to write anything. When certain people in the family were napping on Sunday. But then inspiration took hold and I became Ranch Mama. The City Girl who somehow wound up on a ranch. And for some amazing reason, I have found that what I'm writing about is enjoyable to people other than my folks! So Thank You for reading! 

Back to the Ribbon! 

Here's the rules:

1.  Post the rules on your blog
2.  Name 5 of your most fabulous moments either in real life or in the blogosphere.
3.  Name 5 things you love
4.  Name 5 things you hate
5.  Pass the ribbon on to 5 other bloggers

1. I think starting this blog. It's become a fun outlet for me and I hope it continues to be interesting to the world, and not in a creepy, stocker kind of way. You know what I mean.

2. My four amazing children. I could list them individually but that might be seen as getting out of this part, so I won't. But the fact that they are turning into their own people is an amazing thing to be a part of and I am grateful.

3. I make a fabulous chocolate chip cookie. I'll share the recipe with you. Look for it, Coming Soon!

4. My husband. Not just our wedding or our ever meeting, but him. He's the best thing in my life, and really without him, this blog wouldn't have catch phrase!

5. Ok, now I'm thinking I should have listed the kids sepretly...

Moving on,
Five Things I Love:
1. Dark chocolate
2. Hand bags
3. Shoes (hmm maybe I should just say accessories...)
4. ( ), ...'s and this little thing: ~ I use them a lot.
5. Spell check. Oh my gosh did the spell check ever change my life!

Five Things I Hate.
1. Brussels sprouts
2. Spelling
3. Homework. (When they get home from school, they should be mine! They are on that bus for a whole hour! They don't have time for homework!)
4. ants
5. really slow internet… but beggars, who live in the middle of nowhere, can't be choosers!

And the Fabulous Five winners of the Fabulous Blog Ribbon are:
1. Creatively Blooming
2. Southern Belle Mama
3. Life, Experience Needed
4. Crazy Baby Talk
5. Crazy Mama Drama 

So please go check out these great blogs. And to the Fabulous Five, Feel free to come by and pick up your awards anytime, we're always here! Please pick up any trash you may have dropped and stack your folding chairs in the corner. Thank you, thank you. And drive safe.


  1. I follow mod mom too and have something for you on my post. Come see.

  2. I totally can relate to the slow internet out in the sticks. Broadband someday? Let's pray... :)

  3. Thank you so much for this award!! This is so awesome, it's means a lot to me!!Thank you!

    Brooke@Crazy Mama Drama

  4. Popped in from Saturday Sharefest to say hi!

  5. Oh, my goodness gracious!!! I see I have sooooo much to catch up on.

  6. I think I may have a slight problem with handbags too! Thanks for sharing this award with me...I look forward to blogging about it!

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