Wordless Wednesday

I am a proud parent of this orchid. 
All five buds are open now and I wanted to have 
these Instagram photos in one spot. 


  1. one word...

  2. Hi there , I was out surfing and came across your blog. Beautiful orchid, I have never tried growing one. The way you have these shots cropped in a square format and the order for which you placed them . . . I can see them matted in white and framed in black frames and hanging on your wall in the same order. They would look amazing. I also, love your rodeo shots, great job. I am your newest follower and would be honored if you followed me back. Keep taking your camera with you, you have a great eye for photography. Looking forward to becoming blogging friends and sharing ideas. Connie :)

  3. These photos are just beautiful, Ranch Mama! I would be proud too if I could get an orchid to grow buds and rebloom. Mine did very badly - kaputville. They're such a tricky plant to nurture. What's your secret?


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