Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder ~ Wordless Wednesday

When I was a kid, I used to ride bikes with my friends around the neighborhood. As we rode the city streets we would pretend that we were cowgirls. Rustling up some cattle. We had funny names for each other. Like Tex and Little Cody. I really don't remember the names. But I hear a lot of funny names out here on the ranch so they were something like that. We would fight off robbers and search for stays. We would camp out, finding the right spot to water our trusty steeds. I'm sure that pink banana seat clad bike of mine was so proud.

When I went for a walk the other day and my Bean rode past on her bike, with her cowboy hat on, I couldn't help the flood of memories. What adventures were racing through her mind?

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  1. Your photo really takes me back to my childhood days- I loved riding my bike. You're so right-the adventures you have as a child are always with us and hopefully, inspiring new ones today.


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