When looking into a resort or hotel for a vacation destination, most people check out the amenities. "So, what does that come with?" While working in reservation I got asked that a lot. Everyone wants to know. Meals? The gym? The pool? Horseback rides? Tee times? "If you are interested in spa services or Tee times, I recommend you make your reservations in advance!"

It hasn't taken our friends and family long to learn that when coming to visit the Ranch Family, there are a lot of amenities that come with the package! We have been associated with three different resorts over the past... oh my... has it really been 15 years? Gosh! 

 So as you can imagine, our friends and family has been able to reap the benefits of that. Sometimes it has been as simple as getting to take our parents out to dinner at a formal restaurant.
Other times it was ATV rides. We have been able to take our nieces and nephews horseback riding, skeet shooting, and jet skiing! We've gotten to downhill ski, cross country ski and snowmobile.

   We've pampered our sisters with massages and discounts in gift shops. 

We have sent my father on a fly fishing outfitters trip. We've scuba dived in a 65 foot deep hot spring, and we even had a few brave enough to repel down an 155 foot cliff! 

Yes, when ya come to our house for a few days, we try and show ya a real good time! 

We can never guarantee these activities. It depends on what the guests are doing. The guests are actually paying for this stuff, you know. And here at this ranch, we have much fewer activities than resorts of the past. But we still love to trill and delight. After all, it's what we do. We are innkeepers… (Even if they have to sleep in a tent in the yard!)

A few weeks ago Adventure Man was contacted by a headhunter about an amusement park in Southern California. They are putting in a new hotel and are looking for a General Manager. My husband looked up their website.

Watersides, roller coasters, play lands. That would have been a fun vacation spot for any family reunion. 

But Southern California? Talk about a culture shock for my kids! And an identity crises for Me! I would be City Girl gone Ranch Mama gone back to the City! (Ok, I have to say, City Girl was really excited about that!)

In the end, Adventure Man never even sent them his resume.

It's just as well. ;o)

photo credit: The Whole Fam-Damn-ily (and then some)! 


  1. Definite culture shock for the kidlings! Having spent time in Southern Cali I have to say it does make a great (short) vacation but living there? No, no, heck no!

    1. We are both from CA, so we know, we know. We love to spend time there and we have lots of family down there. But not sure we could stand it long term! But I sure loved it when I was young.

  2. Thanks for the memories! Made om cry ~ tears of happy!

  3. Wow it sure does sound like you are busy family! Reading your post makes me want to go out there and try everything you mentioned.

    Stopping by from SITs Sharefest :)

  4. Stopping by from SITS, the one thing that REALLY stood out for me was getting a massage. Oh, now wouldn't that be nice (right about now)?

    I'm adding that to my "to-do" list right now!

    1. Totally! I could use a massage, but then I just realize how sore and tired I really am! LOL!

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