Making a Splash at the Blog Star Link Up

Can you believe how fast August went? Really I'm not sure I even know what happened in August. I have a vague memory of getting kids down to town for summer school. Swimming lessons. Dentist appointments. And I think we had company too. But what I really know is that I'm really tired. Why am I so tired?

But really, it was a lot of fun and I'm really glad it's September. And that means it's time for Mrs. Monologues Blog Star Link-up! Yeah!!!


Ok, so the idea is to tell all you wonderful blogger's who are visiting for the very first time something about myself. You can see what I wrote about last month here. But this month I want to tell you that I scuba dive, and I love to take pictures of people in scuba and snorkel masks! Goggles will work too!

Not only is a good mask great for underwater viewing but it can also bring sexy back! And they aren't always used in the pool or the big blue either! Sometimes they are just for clown'n around!

Thanks for stopping by! And if you enjoyed yourself, feel free to stick around! Become one of my dear Kin Folk and Follow along! Oh, and be sure to go check out some other awesome blogs!

Happy Diving! 
Mrs. Monologues


  1. What fun pictures :) I have never gone scuba diving, but have done snorkeling a bunch of times!

  2. Just sharring the love from the blog star link up. Thanks for the morning giggle. I've never been scuba or snorkeling! I think it's time to take that plunge next month in Florida.

  3. stopping by from the link up! what a great post and loved getting to know more about you! what great pictures hun!! i wish i could go scuba diving but i'm a little nervous:) xo great blog girl!

  4. I wish I was brave enough to snorkel or scuba dive, but I hate having my face covered. Thank you so much for linking up!

  5. How cute! Looks like yall had a lot of fun. I love your blog title. I too am a city girl turned ranch wife, now Mama.


  6. Stopping by from the Blog Star Link up! Super cute pictures! Really enjoyed learning more about you!


  7. I want to live your life on the ranch! :)

  8. Haha!! This totally made me laugh, so much fun.

  9. WOO HOO!! Love the blog!!! Following you now!


  10. How FUN...you are too adorable! So glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog! :)

  11. So cute - it's making me soooo ticked i live where i live.

  12. Oh my word! You are too cute!! I love the masks!! Can't wait to see what you blog about next. :)

  13. Hehe this is very cool! def bringing the sexy back!
    I've followed back.
    Sylvia @ sweetpeasylvie.com

  14. Awe cute pics!!

    Newest follower! Hope you can come over to my blog and enter the giveaway! www.nellecreations.com

  15. Nothing says sexy like a snorkel mask! LOL.


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