Conversations With The Boy

Miami Beach 12/07

"That's a jellyfish," I say. "Lulu was stung by a jellyfish when we were at Miami beach. But you weren't there. That was before you were born."

"Where was I?" He asks.

"Well, you were in my tummy," I say. I was about 4 months pregnant with him when we made that trip.

He looks at me, considering this information. He looks at his little sister, who he experienced being in Mommy's tummy.

Then he looks down at my stomach, still a little round from the damage of having 4 kids.

He pats it gently and says, "So who's this?"


Later that night as I am falling into dreams he climbs into bed with me and says, "I wish we had a baby boy." 

My heart aches a little, knowing that he will forever be the only boy. 


  1. I am also completely done having kids, but it breaks my heart a little every time my boy asks for a brother. He would be a great big brother. Is there no place in our life where mom guilt doesn't rear it's ugly head?


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