Wait, Where Did August Go?

If you've been here a while, you know I am way into fat mum slim's Photo A Day Challenge. Really, it's instagram… well maybe it just gives me something to think about when I'm folding the laundry. At any rate, here is my August shots, which I did all on instagram this month, because I love instagram…. but I already said that. Actually, I lost my camera, as you know, so I used the iPad a lot. Anyway... 

1. outside ~ in the sandbox! 2. one ~ One of many of my husbands Japanese books. 3. coin ~ the Indian Head $2.50 my MIL gave me. It was a pair of cuff links that belonged to a relative who past. Aunt Leila… I think…. My MIL had them made into these necklaces for her and I. I LOVE it! 
4. Where I sat ~ All Day! 5. Logo ~ The old Ford Dump truck we use here on the ranch. 6. Yep, I had lost it. What a shame… that I couldn't find it for almost the whole month… Because it was hiding in my pool bag!!!! 

7. 8 o'clock ~ the microwave. 8. glasses ~ my readers… that I never wear! 9. messy ~ my top shelf where I tuck all the craft stuff I don't want kids to get into.

10. ring ~ as in The Lord of The Rings. We are sharing the trilogy with our oldest daughter who is enjoying them for the first time! 11. Purple. 12. spoon ~ I love how that one turned out. 

13. Simple ~ Black Eyed Susan's on the side of the road at sunset… my kids hate that I am always pulling over to take pictures of stuff! 

14. Arrow ~ my Bean wanted to share her favorite necklace and I wanted to share my favorite sign.

15. Ready ~ for some luck!

16. Food ~ artichoke hearts! Yum!

17. Faces of the American Girl dolls in our household…. this picture totally creeps me out. But when I was a kid I always put my dolls in the closet when I slept. Dolls are just creepy to me.

The other face my 4 year old made with three shells and the arm of a rundown camp chair that forever lives in my yard.

18. inside ~ a bowl of blueberries! yum!

19. hole ~ in my son's toy wood…

20. Today, August 20th.

21. cool ~ our old ice cream parlor. (No Scream for Ice Cream!)

22. home ~ Yes, it's mine.

23. pair ~ of feet at the water park!

24. path     25. Fresh ~ baked     26. Dream ~ my dream come true (Adventure Man that is, but the trip we were on in this shot was a dream too), and the 26th was our anniversary!
27. Tap     28. Clock ~ Alarm ON! for school starts tomorrow!   29. Down ~ the road on my morning jog… with bear spray of course

30. Card ~ now in the mail for someone special!    31. Hidden ~ the toothbrush was hidden in the closet for some reason… 

Well, that's it. Thanks for letting me share! Now go take some pictures! 


  1. I love pic 5 of the old Ford alot. When I looked at #17 I thought it was totally creepy...then I read your comment. LOL!

    I just started doing Fat Mum Slims list today. I use my tablet and it's a little harder (no camera either). Posting all the photos at the end of the month is a great idea!

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    1. I really enjoy it. I'm sure you will too, but remember, as Chantelle says, there is no fail! I've had a few misses some months and I figure, Oh well! Life gets busy!

  2. I miss some of your photos because I just see the FB group and they don't all appear there *~* Guess I need to step up my tec knowledge soI won't be missing out. This is such a fun creative contact. Faith even has her BFF doing it.

    1. I forget to post in the FB group sometimes! It's not you, it's me! LOL! Get an instagram account! Faith will show you how to use it. LOL!

  3. Great pics! You really did a beautiful job. The collages are a nice touch as well. You have quite a talent for making ordinary things look extraordinary.

    1. Thank you, Laura! It's taken a few months to figure out how to display them best, so the post isn't a mile long, or the pictures too small to see. I think this way worked the best. Thanks for stopping by!


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