Embrace The Camera

I recently found myself searching through my pictures looking for a shot of me and my Mom and Dad. I wanted something they wouldn't have seen for a while that I could make a birthday card with. I came up empty handed. I had some pictures, but they have been used for similar reasons. Back in my day, we didn't take pictures as much. Our cameras were old and we didn't want to waste film. We never knew if we had a good shot until we had paid for the prints. Now we take pictures like mad and eventually get something good. I'm talking about those of us who know nothing about photography. As in ME!

With this in mind, I took a lot of pictures while my parents were here visiting this summer. I think I drove my dad crazy. I wanted pictures of them with the grandkids. And I got it!

I was teasing my dad because he was "Texting." He wasn't, but he was checking his phone, maybe emailing? When you don't get cell service at your house, you find your guests "plug in" the minute we get into town. I wouldn't know, I don't know how to check messages on my phone, so I don't hardly use it!  But this is what I got. Not exactly Hallmark Card worthy, but we were having fun!

I just found Emily's blog, The Anderson Crew, the other day. She hosts a blog link-up called Embrace the Camera. She says she wanted her kids to have pictures of her. I take lots of what I call, "arms length shots!" Again, for my kids, so they will have all these wonderful memories of me and them. 

So here we are, at the cook out spot. With Mom's silly cop glasses.
And having fun! 


  1. Oh I love these! Especially Grandma and baby. I like to catch people from behind when they're sharing a moment. You get some sweet moments.

    Isn't it amazing how far photography has come? I remember in school the professor showing us that we could actually manipulate photos on the computer and I had one friend with a digital camera that belonged to his company because he used it to work. It cost thousands of dollars. Amazing that now we can see our photos instantly and have fun rather than worrying about using up those 24 shots?

  2. What great photos! Welcome to ETC! :)

  3. This reminds me...I need to capture more pictures of Jack with his Grandparents! Great photos :)

  4. Welcome to Embrace the Camera! I am so glad you were able to get some with your parents. Your kids will appreciate those so much when they are older.

  5. new follower from the TGIF hop!
    I love the pic from behind... such candid sweetness



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