September's Photo Gallery

1. Myself, now ~ In my kitchen, where it's good to be queen. 2. Father ~ Doing something that he loves.
3. Faraway ~ having them with me on my jog, turned it more into a run! 4. Inside my mailbox…

5. Bright  6. Everyday ~ really, it's a mountain of laundry! 7. Natural ~ yes, those are Bull Elk! 
8. At Night ~ at the staff party.   9. Something We Do Most Weekends ~ decompress with the Xbox. 
10. Black + White ~ at the bus stop.
 11. Hero        12. Together      13. Table ~ really dusty tables!

14. Favorite      15. First Thing You See ~ This was such an amazing sunrise to see, we were driving to Basketball Town, which took 3 yours and we left before sun up, but I didn't think about any pictures until the sun came up and it was fire red! 16. Strange ~ the outfit she refused to change! Oh yea, she's mine!  

17. In my fridge       18. Price ~ in Little Town    19. Underneath ~ at the park 

20. Man-made ~ my new toy!     21. Sometimes ~ little girls get to cheer at the big game! 
      22. Up           23. Before bedtime ~ Oh come on! You know you were thinking that too! 

24. 3 Things 
25. Frame ~ made by Adventure Man    26. Near ~ one workout nearer    27. Love/Hate ~ I'm trying something new for my MS and I love the idea of it, and the way it makes me feel, but hate change, and the fact that I forget and just eat what I shouldn't. Gluten free is such a lifestyle change! 

 28. A God Thing ~ she got put in!   29. Errand   30. Myself, Then ~ The Afro Magazine Modeling Agency! Modeling in the 80's, baby! Guess how old I was there! LOL! 

I use the list put out by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. Her October list is out, so join in! xo


  1. Love your photos! Looks like your camera is coming in handy!

  2. Again, amazing photos. Gluten free yet. Keep us posted as to how it works. Does this mean you aren't taking the meds?

  3. A lovely collection of photos. I'm not surprised you were once a model.
    I know another blogger living with MS, Debbie over at It's All About Purple.
    Do you find a gluten free diet helpful?


Thanks, Y'all for sharing your thoughts! I'm love'n hear'n from ya!