Reflections ~ One Year Ago

I always like to look back at the photos on the computer and see what I took pictures of a year ago on that dates. I felt it was time to share another post about it. 

When you have small children it's always amazing to see the difference.  

Remember when all the toys just fit in one basket? 
And she was fascinated by the simple ones. 
She would sit and play. Not toddle and destroy!

 "One Sock" 

And there was the afternoon I asked the older kids to watch the baby, 
only to find that they had put her in the linen closet.

 It made since to them, after all, it is their favorite place to play! 
They were just sharing their hiding place. 

Now it is her favorite place to hide too. 


Thanks, Y'all for sharing your thoughts! I'm love'n hear'n from ya!