The Missing Season ~ When Winter is Early

Our fall color has been beautiful this year.  

The days have been warm. 

We have been enjoying the time hiking and taking pictures.

But then something changed. 
The power went out in the night. 
I laid awake worrying that we wouldn't wake in time for school. 
I waited for the power to come back on again. 
When Bunny woke and the house was cold as ice I knew. I knew this was more than a simple power outage. This was a storm. 

I should have known the night before when we drove home. Up the mountain road. There were no deer on the side of the road, making me slow down or even stop for them to decide if they might cross or continue eating. There was not a single doe or buck. The absence of which was truly odd for this area. 

That was the first sign. 
But now I looked out the window in the darkness with my flash light in hand. It was a snow storm. 
A blizzard. 
And this was only the 3rd day of October! 

I took these pictures coming home from the bus stop that morning.
Yes, We made it. Although I had fallen back to sleep and slept through the hour of getting ready. We woke late and raced down the road to get the girls to the stop. As it turns out, I could have kept them home. The school was without power for much of the day, but no one could get a hold of any of the parents.

So the staff kept on.
Teachers: An army of kind hearted souls who care for our children in their hour of need. 

The power didn't come back on for 15 hours. At one point we heard it wouldn't come on until the next day, but it was a happy surprise when I was starting dinner and the lights flickered back to life. 
I quickly refilled the jugs of water we had used that day. 
An emergency supply. 
No electricity means no water too, when you are on a well. 
I started the dishwasher and the washing machine. 
We flushed the toilets. 
We got ready. 

The power has gone off and on over the past few days. 
We are on alert. 
Will the snow last? I hope not. 
But we did make a couple of little snowmen out back with the little ones. So it isn't all bad.

But if it does stick?
Well, that really would suck! 



  1. Amazing turn of the weather! What wonderful fall colors you have. We are finally cooling down here after 100 degree temps. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Wow. I remember growing up in VT and having it snow for Halloween every year. People in Texas think its funny that our winter coats went on over our costumes! Great pic of the colored leaves with the snow!

  3. Wow, from fall to winter in so little time. Your photos are gorgeous. No fun in a blizzard. I hope fall weather returns soon!
    Stay warm,

  4. That's intense♫ Glad you have power....hope this does not signal a harsh winter!

  5. What a great collection of pictures. The second last is amazing, looks alsmost surreal with the snow on the colorful wood.

  6. Awesome pics!!!
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  7. Nice fall colors! Sorry about the early snow. But your first snow photograph is beautiful.

  8. Your autumn photos looks like a wonderland, so pretty! To me the snow looks amazing too as we never have snow here but i don't like to be cold or without electricity. Hope you autumn makes a return soon. Today we are feeling like we have skipped spring and gone straight to a hot summer....

  9. These pictures take my breath away. And so do you. What a magnificent blog site. What you do and how you do it never ceases to amaze me. Your children are getting an education far beyond what they might get in school. They talk about "transformative" learning--the new buzz word in education, but powerful, none-the-less. Your children are experiencing a transformative childhood that will forever impact them for the good. Amazing.


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