Winter, Whether we Want it or Not

Winter is playing tricks on us this year. 
She snuck up quick then melted away. 
She sent an icy wind.  

She took our autumn leaves in one breath. 
She loves to do that.

I as prepared. I wore my warm boots. 
But that day warmed up and I was too hot. 
She's tricky like that.

She leaves her dustings everywhere.
It makes the world look like a wonderland.
A grey wonderland.
With powdered sugar on top. 

The mountains play hide and seek in the clouds.

But there is always hope. 
A chinook will come. 
The warm air from the north.

See, the ice is already melting. 

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  1. Whoaaaa, snow already!! You live in an wonderful area. :)

  2. I talked to my mom last week and she said there was snow back home in VT and I said "oh that's awesome" and the response I got was "really? not so much" haha. I think you miss the snow when you don't live "up north" anymore but one thing doesn't change - it's oh so pretty!


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