October Photo Challenge ~ My Month in Pictures

1. Where You Stood ~ At school, and the hike we did the day before.

2. Lunch ~ while on a hike. 

3. This happened today! And our power was out for 15 hours because of it! Yikes, winter!

4. What I read ~ to my kids     5. What I'm thankful for ~ The Big Salad and the family. 

6. Shadow     7. Light

8. Angle   9. Red

10. Emotion ~ fighting with his little sis.   11. Something Close Up ~ snuggles 

12. On the Table ~ Yes, I woke up, walked into the kitchen, and there was my baby's scoot - car, on the table.   13. Landscape ~ We don't usually need to use this road. It's much longer and gavel the whole way home. But our road was having work done. The last of the face lift. And they closed it that weekend! 

14. Makes Me Laugh ~ and did we ever when I showed him the pic and told him I wanted to put it on the Internet for all to see. He's such a good sport!   15. Dinnertime ~ in Little Town.  16. Something I Wrote ~ and yes, "Blow out candles" is on the job chart so they will quit fighting about who blows them out. We light candles at dinner, no mater what we eat, because the table wobbles and it makes the flame flicker and that reminds them to SIT STILL! 

17. Fruit ~ at bedtime!   18. Made Me Smile Today ~ A total impulse buy, but I LOVE Hello Kitty! Check out my Pinterest Board!    19. Letters

20. 4 O'clock ~ At the hair salon, and was it ever over due! It's been a year! (Scary!)   21. Calm
22. In Your Town ~ I love this old drugstore sign.   23. The View From Here ~ snow again.

24. Weather ~ Oh yeah, winter is messing with us! It's all melted now and yesterday was in the high 60's.  25. People ~ having lunch.  26. Listening To ~ The New Pooh Movie. Bunny's most used word is "Pooh!" as she dictates what we watch… all the time!

27. Morning    28. Looking Back ~ this great old sign is seen as you leave the Cut Bank, MT area. I just had to snap a picture, the front says Ranch.

29. Moon ~ the moon was full, but the clouds were playing hide and seek. I thought it easier to share this lovely pastel work my dear Lulu made. 30. Clothes ~ Bean trying on her costume. We added more tulle to the skirt. I will share the finished product shortly. Can you tell we like owls around here?

31. Whatever You Please ~ This Halloween day turned out foggy and spooky looking! And the Yellow Giants that surround the house are not helping at all! 

Can you believe it  is November tomorrow? Catch the November list here!

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