Snow Days

I'm grateful for snow days.

Well, today I wasn't feeling all that grateful for the snow. But it was 9:45 this morning when I headed into Little Town for my Littlest Littles music class and there was still no sign of a snowplow when I was headed back home by noon.

By 3:45 this afternoon I was worried about getting stuck in my driveway, not to mention the road. I ended up being early and I met the bus down the road. She got stuck once in our pullout and now she's scared of snow.

We are the last stop. I brought the other 2 kids who frequent our stop up to their waiting parents. We all discussed the possibility of Friday being a snow day.

Evidently the snow plow driver doesn't even work on Fridays. Things are looking good for an extra day this weekend.

The news says they expect up to 8 feet in some places. I wonder where those places are?

 I'm also glad that Adventure Man got an earlier flight today. I don't think he would have made it home at all if he had stuck with the original flight that was to land in Big Town at 5 pm. He just walked in the door after being on a business trip to Seattle for three days.

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  1. Snow days as a kid were the best days! Why can't we have them as adults? :/ Living in Texas, snow is one of the things that I miss the most! Enjoy it for me!


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