The San Diego Tragedy ~ My Idea For a New Reality Show

We did the City Pass for Southern California. We spent Christmas with Grandparents and then had three amazing days in Disneyland.

The City Pass was less expensive then just getting the Three Day Disney Passes so our trip included the three days in Disneyland, a day at Sea World in San Diego and a day at Universal Studios in LA.

Sea World 2006
We went to all the shows in Sea World and took pictures. We got some fun pictures of the Kids petting a Dolphin. We were enjoying the sunshine and the day in all, when tragedy struck. I very stupidly hung my camera on the hook in a bathroom stall instead of putting it back in my backpack where it belonged. I walked out of the bathroom and never saw it again.

We filled out a lost and found report. But the camera was never turned in.

Once we had come to the awful realization that it was gone, my husband took the kids on a ride, while I waited with Bunny who was asleep in the stroller.  I was alone, I sat on a curb and cried. No, I balled my eyes out. We lost so much when we lost that camera. So many fun memories.

As I have mentioned before, we LOVE Disneyland. But this year we wanted to go to Disneyland because our toddler LOVES Pooh. 

We all wanted to see that special moment when she meets the caricatures for the first time.  It was darling. As she waited in line she was so impatient to get to her turn, but when the moment came, she became shy. 

She met Tigger first. He bent down and put his hands out,  she crept up to him and kissed him on the nose. We took family pictures and sweet pictures of just Bunny hugging Eeyor and Tigger and Pooh. 

We have pictures of her amazement with the It's A Small World ride and in the same shot, the boredom of Daddy who was holding her. I have similar shots of Daddy holding the other kids on that ride, and each one is special to me.

As I sat on that curb and cried, I cried for all those sweet memories. 

It wasn't until we got back to Montana that I thought of the Reality Show idea. While we were in a grocery store parking lot, someone came up to me and asked if this was my wallet. She had found a wallet left in a shopping cart! What a difference! Was it the place? Or the item lost? Was it because a bathroom stall is so secluded? No one would know? Or has no one taught their kids to turn stuff in! To try and find the owner, to do the right thing?? Are we just living by the rule of "finders keepers?"

But what if you were watching this all on TV? What if you could see the sorrow of the woman crying on the sidewalk in Sea World? And what if you could see the person in the bathroom stall? What if, on the show, when an item of value is found and the finder does turn it in, they won a prize? A big cool prize, like a trip to Hawaii! Of course if they didn't turn it in, then they got the camera, or whatever the program used as bait. And they got to be humiliated on TV, even if their face was blurred out. Watching that on TV would get people thinking, "What would I do?" 

What if? 

What would you do?

Now luckily for us, Disneyland takes pictures of you meeting the caricatures, and you can go on line and buy them. For a lot of money. We bought some. But sadly, Sea World wasn't on the ball with the shots of us. We don't have any pictures of that day. The picture at the top, of the Killer Whale is from our trip in 2006 when we did a City Pass as well.

And we have memories in our hearts. 


  1. Oh no! I feel your pain but at least moments from that day are not erased from your memory! You would hope that someone would turn the camera in, especially if they saw that you had family photos on there!

    1. Yes they are wonderful memories that we can make even better with time! LOL!

  2. I read somewhere and try to remember to write on a card: If found this camera belongs to: etc etc etc and then take a picture of that card so it will be on the camera roll.
    IF anyone should happened to look at it, Gives them an exta tug at the conscious string if lost and found. No one can read your entry and not feel your pain. Norma does not have any pictures of her honeymoon in Hawaii - not a lost camera but lost photos at the developers (back in those days).

    1. That's a great idea! My mom says she took 3 rolls of pictures of me, my first 2 weeks of life and the developers lost them all. She's never been the same. :o)


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