The Rain In Disney and Other Stuff

We had a great three days in Disneyland with the rest of Southern California. It was pretty crazy, but we loved it. 

Except the part when we lost our nine year old in the crowd. I had finally started seeking out a "Cast Member" to report our missing child when my oldest daughter spotted her with an older couple who were trying to help her find us. She was in tears. It was horrid! We made sure that even the big kids had hands to hold after that!

The last day it rained. This ended up being a blessing as it was a Saturday and yet the park seemed very empty. We had anticipated it and I had on my rain pants and jacket when we boarded the boats of the Jungle Cruise. I was so glad! The seat I sat on was right where the water kept filling in the roof and with every turn of the boat I got a bucket full in my lap, on my head and down my back. But I  was perfectly dry! I can't say the same for the poor people next to me!
We sought shelter in Turtle Talk with Crush after that. We took a couple of drawing lessons and by the time we were done, the rain was gone the sky was blue and the crowds were history.

We headed for San Diego after that.

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