A Circus and The Pass

Donor's Pass

Donor's Pass. If you know your history lessons then you know that Donor's Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains can bring on hardship. You might even be forced to eat your kids. Well, if you were early pioneers crossing it on foot in the dead of winter. But in our SUV, it's quite harmless. Unless it's closed for the night. Which it was. 

When we arrived in Reno we could have made it to family's house with no problem and even through the storm without a second thought, if there had been a storm, which there wasn't in Nevada. But the Pass Police felt that most of the California Drivers weren't experienced enough to get though so they closed it that night. 

We stayed at Circus Circus. This seemed fitting for our own Circus Act.

The buffet was way more expensive than we remembered it as kids. But our kids seem to think it was the "most fancy place they had ever stayed in." But while we were staying in the supper fancy hotel room with the acrobat paintings and the contortionists in the Midway, our little Bunny learned that hotel room doors are really easy to open! YIKES! Thank goodness for the latch at the top of the door! 

LA trafic. 
Our doors at home are hard to open, they have to be, or the 50 mph winds would be beating them down daily. We weren't prepared for our own little Houdini to put on a show of her own! Sadly, this was just the beginning of her disappearing reappearing acts! 

We made it home in the early afternoon on Christmas Eve in spite of the Holiday travelers who also were trying to get home for Christmas. We had a wonderful holiday with sisters and cousins and nieces and Grandma and Papa. 

The day after Christmas we headed South with the rest of the State of California. And on to Anaheim.

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