Our Vacation Mishaps ~ I'm SO Vain

I mentioned that we have been on vacation. It was wonderful. So many fun memories. But have you ever noticed that when things go wrong, it's hard to focus the great stuff? People keep asking me how the trip was and all I want to share is the scary, freaky, sad stuff… even though we had a wonderful time! I try not to be a Downer. But somethings just need to be documented.

First. I forgot my toilet kit. It's more of a medicine cabinet. I take lots of vitamins as well as prescriptions. And since I knew I wasn't going to get my spinach shakes on the trip, I took even more vites with me than I usually do at home…. or at least I packed more. I didn't actually bring them. I also take a thyroid med and my my MS shots and birth control pill…. All of which were left in my toilet kit on my bedroom floor.

I did put it right next to my bed! So I wouldn't forget it. But since I got up before my husband and didn't want to wake him, I never turned on the lights, I grabbed my clothes and changed in the bathroom down the hall and never went back to my room. Oh well.

Luckily, we, who live in the middle of nowhere, were going to the city where everything is available. Our first stop was to spend the night at my Husband's sister's house and she lives just minutes from a Walmart. How would that be??? To live just minutes form a store??? Instead of having to drive 80 miles one way to get to a Walmart? Just WOW!

They didn't have many of my more obscure supplements that I get at a health food store, but I got the basics. I didn't want to go vitamin deficient on our trip. That would have resulted in massive cold and flu for me. Luckily, My two weeks of pill packs didn't all fit in my toilet kit so I had put the 2nd week my suit case. I took the regular meds every other day and the few other store bought vitamins the other days.

We weren't staying anywhere long enough to warrant a call to the doctor for refills and we didn't ever know where the closest pharmacist would be.

The sad thing was, the side effects of not having my thyroid meds means I lost half my head of hair! Luckily I do have a lot of hair. But still!!! I now can put a hair band around a ponytail three times! Whereas before, if I tried that I would have never been able to get it out… Oh well. It will grow back! …I guess…

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