Instagram Love ~ 1000 photos

Today I took my 1000th photo on Instagram!
Yeah, I'm obsessed!

But not only that, I'm only 4 weeks away from being on Instagram for a year. So in less than a year, I have taken, no, shared 1000 pictures with anyone who is on Instagram. I've taken many more pictures then 1000.

So, in honor of this special event...


I'm sharing some of my favorite shots.

Just a few. A lot less than 1000 anyway.

 You know how I like to do flashbacks. Like, "a year ago today" kinds of things.

So enjoy. And if you want to follow my snap happy madness, just click on the gray camera up at the right hand top of my page. It's a crazy life I lead, but someones gotta see it!

And have a wonderful weekend, Y'all!


  1. I'm having a lot of fun with instagram too and I'm happy to find a new friend to follow along with. If you are interested, I am jswfield on instagram, but I'm no where close to 1000 photos yet. :)

    1. Hahaha! Don't worry, you don't need to have 1000 photos for me to follow you! I'll go check your profile out now! Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Isn't instagram the best? I hit the halfway point to 1000 this weekend! And I started following you. Excited that I get to keep up with you in two places!

    Jenny (creativelyblooming)

  3. I LOVE the picture of that old truck! Those old trucks get me every time!


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