January ~ My Month In Photos

We started 2013 off in California where Bunny got to see the beach for the first time. So we start with Today ~ We have Bunny at the beach. But it's also something new. Something New ~ my lovely scarf. 
 Heart ~ rubbed on the window of the car in ice. It was getting cold as we drove north.

 The View From Here ~ This wasn't the view from where I was that day, because we were driving home and I simply forgot to take a picture. SO this is the view from the top of the Dumbo Ride in Disneyland. Movement ~ Again, I didn't take this pic on that day, but the gas station in Pasadena CA had this great sign with the add-on of Racing Gasoline. So that's how the Little Old Lady From Pasadena did it!  Mine ~ The kids piled all the stuffed animals in the house on top of Bunny. Her favorite word is "Mine" plus, she is mine! 

1 o'clock ~ It snowed that day. Something that started with "T" ~ Tea, we started getting our first bunch of colds around this place. Street ~ That would be in Big Town! Little Town doesn't have street lights. 

Water ~ A hot herbal blend tea bath for Mama! From Nature's Tropical in Helena MT!
Circle ~ I needed some candles while in the bath! Yellow ~ my free range chicken egg! Yum!

An ordinary moment ~ Getting them rounded up and in the car to do the school bus run (this could also be used as Ready). Two things ~ Carrot and peanut butter. My snack! Shadow ~ The picture I drew in the disney art studio last month! 

Delicious ~ an avocado and spinach smoothy in the making. Something I saw ~ My 12 year old's art work. This is what she doodles! What I do ~ The dishes. And laundry, and bathrooms, and beds and...

Corner ~ of one of the guest cabins. Electric ~ The light in my kids bedroom. Is it any wonder they get so scared at night! Look at the shadow! All the light fixtures in our house were made by the original owner of the guest ranch. Some day I'll give you a tour! Strips ~ The snow drift fence we set up to protect our driveway. 

Landscape ~ It's small here but there are deer in that shot. Together ~ My Bean was in the school play. The Tortoise Versus the Hare put on by the Missoula Children's Theatre. She was one of the Reptiles. And The Sun ~ They don't call it Big Sky Country for nothing! 

 Grow ~ my Christmas Cactus has a bud! Yeah! Down ~ making cupcakes for their big sister for youth group. Yourself ~ That's me. 

I hope you enjoyed the randomness of my month in photos with Fat Mum Slim
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