The Alpha and Me

Guess what insanely crazy thing I'm doing in April? 
The A to Z challenge. 
I know! Right?

What am I thinking? I had like three posts in February. 
I bet you where thinking I had given up on this whole blog thing.

But really, I was on Hawaii. 

So, blogging was way down on my list. 
#1: Not getting burned.

Seriously! I'm such an Irish freckle face. This is me on the beach in Maui. 
Afraid of the sun much? 

Then, we couldn't get home because our car died in California. 
And everyone knows you have to drive through California to get to Hawaii.

The worst thing was having to buy a car in CA. 
Um, Montana doesn't have sales tax! 

Plus, we had to do it fast, we needed to get home! Our kids were missing school for crying out loud! And who wants to end a vacation buying a car! Plus, we had to buy a year of registration in a state we don't even live in! A whole YEAR? 
Sorry. Anyway...

 I'm gonna make it all up to you by posting 6 days a week for 4 weeks!

Lets see how that goes!

But really? I'm quite excited. Can't you tell?

If you would like to join in the madness just click on the link and sign up!

Just think, the possibilities are endless!

A is for aardvark, apples, artichoke... B is for banana, bagel, brownie... C is for cantaloupe, candy, cabbage... (I must be hungry!) D is for donut (oh my gosh, I'm starving!)...


  1. No picture of the new ride???! Visiting for AZ challenge.

    1. Thanks for coming by! I'll get around to posting it. I tend to be random.

  2. Sounds like you need another vacation after all that. Car problems are no fun, especially the expensive ones.


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