What's Your Number? ~ A Birthday Tradition

When my kids where little I started a birthday tradition. 
I take a picture of them holding the number they are turning. 
It's been fun to see them evolve over the years. 

And the kids seem to like it too.

The tradition was started when our first two girls were three and four. 
Before we had a digital camera. I can't find the original album they where in. 
When Bear turned one I never took a number shot. 
And there are a few other years that are missing. 
But all in all, we've done a good job of keeping up the tradition.

The numbers are in order by who was holding them. 
As you can see, there are more than one kid in this sequence. As well as a Dad.

Adventure Man was forced to show off his big four-oh.

There was even a couple of years when I had a good sized baby bump to show off. 
The second shot amid stacks of boxes.

But our little Bunny has proven a challenge when trying to get her to cooperate. 

She started off well enough...

Then things got harder.

The process is always fun to see.

But this year, she wanted nothing to do with holding up her number two!

I finally just held her and took selfies.
Watch what she is doing with my hair. I am her security blanket. 

By the end she was really done with me! Of course it didn't help that she was sick on her birthday. Maybe I'll give it another try in a few days. 

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