Big Sky Sunrise

Sunrise is my favorite time of day here on the Ranch. 
It seems to always take my breath away. 
Adventure Man, however usually gets to be the one to take pictures of it, 
as he is the one who takes the girls to the school bus in the mornings. 
He took these pictures today. 
I got to go back to bed only to be joined by that cat, 
and the baby and the boy just moments later. 
See, I'm lucky that I can go back to bed. 
But that doesn't mean I will get any more rest just more snuggles. 

We do have to watch for the neighbors out here.
Deer don't seem to know to look both ways…. 
nor do rabbits, or mice, or elk, or bears...

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Orange You Glad It's Friday


  1. that sunset is amazing....puts mine to shame! I'll wager having no city lights helps .....

    1. Thank you! Some days are oranger than others. I bet you're right about the lights, though.

  2. Stunning sunrise! Thanks for joining us at OYGIF.

  3. Wow, I see a lot of Orange! Beautiful photos...

    Stopping by from Orange You Glad It'd Friday- hope you can stop by.

  4. Fabulous Pics!! Catching up today....My Orange effort: http://lore-eleven.blogspot.com/2013/03/magic-hwy.html

  5. Gorgeous sunrise! Wow! That's just amazing! I am a big sunset lover myself but that is only because I am not a morning person and I am never up in time. :-)


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