G is for Green

Our resort tries to be very environmentally friendly. There are many things that we do to decrease our footprint as we educate our guests. For starters, we are owned by a Nonprofit Organization. All of our profit goes right back to that Nonprofit, and we, ourselves are therefor, nonprofit.

To see the garden in it's late summer splendor go here.

We grow as much of our own produce that the growing season will allow and everything is organic. This means that when we buy from local farmers, they too have to be organic. We only use local, grass fed meats. And everything else is as local as we can get.

We have a greenhouse to aid us through the short summer months. And we use river irrigation to water the lawns and gardens. We compost as much a we can.

The office uses solar power. This photosynthesis panel produces electricity. (At least I think that's what Adventure Man called it?)

We also use wind power to make electricity for the office. Isn't the little wind turbine cute! We get a lot of wind up here!

The pool water is heated by solar as well as each guest cabin's water.

Our paper products are all from recycled paper. Even bathroom tissue. We offer locally made soaps for  our guests to use, and we give them a full sized bar of soap with the request that they save the box and take it home so we don't have to throw it out.

We use recycled paper plates and plastic wear as well as recycled cups when we have our Volunteer Weekend, to get ready for our opening. We rip these up and compost them. And we recycle everything that can be recycled but can't be composted.

As you can see from these shot's, this is not our prettiest time of year. The snow is just melting and the grass, where we still have it after our well work last fall, is still dead. The leaves have yet to make an appearance.


  1. Very nice. I would love for our next home to be green.

  2. Wow. I love what you're doing, and I know my daughter would be "green" with envy. She lives in a town (Moscow, Idaho) and so she does as much green Urban gardening/farming as possible. (In addition to gardening, she raises ducks, chickens, goats.)

    I live on a wheat ranch in SE Washington, and am working ever toward greater greenness, but haven't got there yet. When we raised our own beef, we tried just grass feeding one of them, not graining it for the last month before butchering it, but the meat was tough as shoe leather. We didn't want to try that again, as raising beef, and having it butchered, wrapped, etc is so expensive. I'm envious of your greenhouse. I want one! Best wishes to you. Stopping by from the A-Z and am your newest follower.

  3. Where is this awesome little place?! My parents would love it. This have solor for electricity and a solar water heater too!


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