Doesy-Doe to the Rodeo

Welcome to the Rodeo: July 4, 2013!

Little town has got one of the greatest 4th of July Rodeos around. In fact, there are so many entries that they end up sending them away. One of our wranglers even tried to enter, but you have to do it at least two months in advance so she couldn't join. 

Now last year I started my own little judging here on the Blog. I love to see just how high and how low these great cowboys, and cowgirls can go! So let's have a look see!

First up is how high. The broncs can really kick it! 
And there's a lot of them this year, so enjoy. 

One thing that really struck me was the strength of these men as they held on. These days they wear neck braces to help support themselves, but still, they gotta have some serious core body strange!

I think this has to be the best bronc shot we got. This was a beautiful horse, 
and after he did throw the monkey off his back, he pranced back to the pins. 
It looked like he was saying, "Oh yeah, I got this!"

Catching some good air, and sit'n pretty too!

And this next fella was ready to take him right outta the gate. 

Now don't forget the bulls! Just because these boys are big, doesn't mean they can't get up there. 

Please note how this cowboy is holding on. I think it's interesting also that he's got his boots tied on. 
I'm not sure why? Do any of you know?

The bulls really gave a good show this year. It was a fighting bunch! 
These two are just made for each other. 

But the winner of "How High Did They Go" has to go to this poor bull rider. 
He got some great air before he eat some serious dirt! And don't worry for the clown, he's a professional at getting out of the way!

Now on to Dust! Or in this case, "Eat My Dust." Barrel Racing is one of the most competitive events at a Rodeo. The times comes down to less than seconds and they have to stop and grade the dirt so the riders have an even playing field. A whole around a barrel can cost them time. 

Anyone can make dust on an arena of dirt on a hot summer's day, but it's the speed that can really make these athletes impressive. And by athletes, I mean both the rider and the horse. 

The cost of a turned barrel is seconds deducted. She no long has a chance. 
But the barrel racers aren't the only ones who can eat dust! 

Now we didn't have any clear shots of snot like we had last year. I guess we were a little farther away this time. But I did love the sequences of these next shots. And as I said last year, it's not that you will be getting snot in your pockets, it's really that you pissed of the cow… or horse…. or bull… 

In the second shot, see how high the cowboy got, but he still held on! 
In fact, He held on, until he had to be helped off! 

This next sequence was of the cowboy eating dust, and therefor, 
also got some snot in his pockets. I'm sure. 
Don't worry, both the horse and the rider walked away. Them's some tough boys!

And it wasn't just the horses out to get 'm! This is where the rodeo clowns come in! What a job they have, getting the bulls to run them down and not the rider! Don't worry, all were fine in the end.
This white bull may have looked like a mean son-o-a-gun, but I've got proof that he was really a lover and not a fighter. But that's got to be another post. So stay tuned. 

So let's hear it for the clowns, because in the end, 
I think they are the winners of the "Snot in Your Pocket!"
I hope you've enjoyed this years rodeo! We did! 
So what do you do on the 4th of July in your town? 


  1. Amazing photos! It was like I was there again!!! Love our lil town's celebrations!

    1. Thanks Brandi! There is nothing like a small town Rodeo! And we do it well, if I do say so myself! :)

  2. My ex used to ride bulls in the PRCA (Pro Rodeo Cowboy Assoc). That guy you were asking about his boots? Those slip on and he's got straps tied around his ankles to hold them on. His spurs are attached to his heels and they don't work well if the boots are sliding off. Most of the guys The Ex rode with wore lace-up boots.

    I tried it one time - it was not pretty. I ended up with a face full of dirt, the wind knocked out of me and a hoofprint on my calf.

    And no matter what some people think, bullriding is not a mean sport - those stock contractors pay serious $$ for those bulls. They take good care of them and they're not going to let some punk kid hurt them. I really think the bulls enjoy themselves!

    Great pics - brings back memories!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I figured it was something like that. But I had that thought too, "Why not just wear lace ups!" And yes, I know the animals are well cared for and they enjoy it. You can see it in their faces! We went around back to see them and my 2 year old even pet one of the big bulls. It was so cute. I got some funny pics for tomorrows post! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. My daughter had a chance to pet some bulls when she was little, too! She preferred the broncs, tho!

  3. Awesome action shots from the Rodeo. We are big fans of the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) and I'm always amazed at the athletic ability of both man and beast. Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos.

  4. Who doesn't absolutely love a good rodeo?! I think I need to head up to Montana at some point and check one of these out first hand! :)

  5. Amazing shots! Especially love those big bulls! xo

  6. Next year, I hope we can be in your area for the 4th. I haven't seen a good rodeo since Salinas many, many years ago.


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