None Shall Pass… Or "You Gotta Pay a Toll Mama!"

We have a sign at the front of our pastrue. 
It says to watch for our children and horses. 

This is way.

Then they seemed to decide that I needed to pay a toll.

So they stopped me and asked for payment in full to use the driveway...

When Sam couldn't get it from me, they had to send in reinforcements. 

 Hopefully just love and attention is enough. 
I don't keep grass in my car, and I'm not about to share my groceries with them!

The neighbor's cattle seem to have the same attitude. 

Rurality Blog Hop #8


  1. How fun to have a greeting like that when you get home!

  2. What a fabulous welcome home committee!

  3. oh gosh, that is so cute how they come right up to your window!

  4. What beautiful animals! Love these pictures!

  5. Nice looking horses but I love the backgrounds in some of your shots.

  6. Well, they do seem to be in control.

  7. Too sweet! Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #23' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #24...


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