The First Snowfall of the Season

It rained a lot last week. When we woke on Friday morning we could see the effect it had on the mountain. 

There isn't any snow at my house. Yet. It won't be long. The aspens in the grove by the house haven't even changed yet! Well, they are starting. They're that lime green that is the precursor to fall. The trees along the road by the river have been yellow for weeks though. 

I took this a few weeks ago. It was the last hot day we've had. *sigh* 

Yes, there is no denying it, winter is coming. 

Plus, our last guests left today. By the end of the week our summer staff will be gone. We're having a party on Wednesday to say good bye. 

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  1. Mountains are so beautiful!! Mountains with fall colors, too? Even more so!


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