Meet The Girl - A Formal Introduction

I found our first dog. My husband picked the name. I had called the dog a not-so-nice word in Japanese and my husband thought it was the perfect name. 

I picked this pup from the litter. So I made the mistake of telling my Darling Adventure Man (DAM) that he could name her. 

I will NEVER do that again. From now on, if we ever get another animal. HE can PICK it. I will name it. 

So. With no furthure ado. 

Meet Jessica... 

Jessica Rabbit, that is. 

Oh yes. My husband named our sweet puppy after a cartoon pinup. (Can you hear my eyes rolling!?)

Luckily (for him) we call her Jessy. 

Much more appropriate for life on a ranch. 

Still, they are both cartoon caricatures. But both are redheads. As is the dog. But I digress. 

We've had Jessy 10 weeks now. My mother-in-law asked for an updated picture and this is what I shared.  

The first two were the day we brought her home at 7 weeks. She was so sad. The other two were yesterday at 17 weeks! 

Now another fun comparison is what I went through to get these four shots:

VS. this:

So now you know. She isn't really bad, she's just drawn this was. 


Photo credit to funpop.com for the two redheads, and to DAM for the other ones. 

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  1. Cute pictures! Might be time to break out the red hair-dye! :)


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